Thursday, February 6, 2014

Powder Bathroom - Before & After

My powder bathroom is finished! It's actually the first room I finished painting, but it took a long time to secure the art and decals I wanted included once I was done painting. My last picture frame came in the mail today, so I put it all up and it's DONE. 

Here are the before pictures. Once again, say hello to our old companion, beige.

 Here are some pictures of the process. I had this hair-brained idea to do a lilac ceiling and white walls. I don't know why, because when I was done and looked at that purple ceiling it didn't feel any more special to me than it did before. I realized that people paint ceilings a different color to make them stand out because they have some beautiful architectural feature. Not really the case with this ceiling. Oh well, I learned a lot about making clean edges from one paint color to the next, and I'm not hating it so bad that I'm going to go to the trouble to change it.
The walls are just white (Benjamin Moore Calm, to be specific). I love white. 

 I bought these green southwestern style decals from Walls by Mur. They were on sale and I only got one roll. I bought a level to put them up. I ran out of them before I was finished and figured I'd just buy more....but then I looked on their website and not only were they not on sale anymore, this color in particular was discontinued completely.
 Soooooo..... I took them all down and started over again, this time spacing them further apart. I really like how they turned out anyway. And no more money spent! Rock on.
 This is the room that is at the top of the stairs when you come in from the front door downstairs, so while it's ideal to have the bathroom door on the main level closed, I figured that if it was open, it'd be nice to come upstairs to something visually interesting. Thanks, decals! You are fun.

 This is the room for our travel art that we've acquired on various trips. Decals and travel art, this powder bathroom is all about fun!

People be partying all up in here, don't you know it!

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  1. Well done. Love the boat and colorful capitola pics with the decals. Nice work Sis