Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids' Bedroom Inspiration + Progress

I only WISH the kids' room looked this good right now. As of this typing it looks like a bomb went off atomic style in their bedroom. But I have to remind myself that it is all for the best. Mess means progress. Hey, I just made that up. Good rhyming by me. Thank you.

So, yes, here are the BEFORE pictures of my children's bedroom. 

What's that tiny li'l thing on the ground in the corner you ask? Ummm.....that's where my two-year-old son has been sleeping for the past, ummmmm, four months. His toddler bed was a flimsy old thing that was converted from a flimsy old crib and therefore broke within moments of setting it up in their new room last November-ish.
Whatevs, though, he is happy there. You should see how hard he sleeps in it.

This room is long and skinny and therefore creates a bit of head-scratching when considering the bedding situation.
Since my kids are ages four and two, bunk beds seemed really scary....

But, we decided to go for it anyway. How else would we use all that amazing ceiling space?
Bunk beds will really open up the room for playing, which is essential because there's no other designated play room in the house.
I've started painting the walls and ceiling white. This is me taking a stand against beige. If I don't do it, who will?

I really want these hooks for their room, as found in the bathroom at Old Navy. I asked the manager to look into it and she said she would. But who are we kidding? She won't. 

Oh well. Here are some inspiration pictures for their room.
Taza's kids' room is so playful and happy and bright.

I've got my eye on that love seat. I need something like that (not necessarily that same style) for sitting together and reading books. We've outgrown the big, brown rocking chair and story time is all elbows and wiggly bums. I've been looking for the perfect love seat but haven't found it yet.
Kirsten Krason's playroom is loads of fun. Teepee, chalkboard wall, bean bags. I might just steal every single one of those ideas. I've already painted a chalkboard wall, so I'm on my way!
Here's mine....a tad bit on the smaller side...
 I debated a lot about where to put the chalkboard wall. I'm still not convinced this is going to work well because there's a limited amount of it the kids will even be able to reach, but so far they seem pretty pumped about it. I have some ideas about sprucing it up, too, so it doesn't just look like a black hole that leads to the closet, which I believe will be white? Will that be weird? I guess we'll find out.

This dot wall from Oh Happy Day is pure delight. I think I'm going to do it on one of my really big walls.
This bunk bed from IKEA (also by Oh Happy Day), caught my eye. I ordered it and now I'm painting it yellow.
I would love to get these star bedspreads, I think they are from Pottery Barn.
And finally, this apple. I have a couple fruit pieces that I think are going in the kids' room.
Here's rough mood board I've been piecing together...

And now, back to painting the bunk bed, which I think might be done by Saturday? It needs to happen ASAP so I can get a better handle on the crime scene that is currently my children's bedroom.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Living Room / Dining Room Progress

We have some progress happening in the living room and dining room area and it feels so good. Here are some before pictures to remind you of what it looked like BEFORE...

Now here are the progress pictures. It's all been painted, which I think I shared before, but not very many pictures. I started putting up these decals above the piano but.....

...Adam hated them. He said it looked like a teenage girl's room. Fair enough. I couldn't disagree with him. I do believe he is right on this one. Sigh. Sometimes I forget that I am decorating a house that other people live in. It's so fun to do what I want to do but this decal diversion was not in keeping with Adam's one request which is: "Please make it look like a guy lives here, too." It is the ultimate challenge because I've become more girly as the years go by. Weird, right? I only started liking pink a couple years ago... strangely, about the time my daughter was born...there is a definite correlation. 

Anyway, I took the decals down and put this mirror up as a place holder. While the mirror is fun, it's not the right scale (it looks even smaller than it is in this picture) and I'm planning to make or buy a bigger piece of sophisticated, yay, even manly-ish, type of abstract art for the space. That wall is so weird, it kinda baffles me. 
We just got our new dining table that we ordered in, ahem, October from West Elm. Ha! I asked for a discount since they'd delayed the shipping about three times. They gave it to me, so that helped ease the pain a bit.
We really love this table. It's beefy and solid. I like that. I look at it sometimes and think, "conference table," and other times I think it fits perfectly. It has a way of looking big but also fitting the space pretty well. Ideally, I'd take out that bar counter and make it an island without the overhang because that's what gets in the way when you try to sit down on the side next to the counter, but we probably won't get that ambitious with this house. You can see the hodge podge chair look which isn't exactly what I'm going for but it somehow happened anyway. One of the white chairs broke and we had guests for dinner last night so this is how we seated everyone. It was fun to finally have space for six (plus four kids coming back and forth)! It's supposed to fit eight, but we shall see.
We've had our couch for a month or two. It feels so good to have a couch instead of the chair and settee we lived on for a long time.

This couch is probably my most favorite possession in the whole entire world. It's from West Elm and the fabric is ink blue performance velvet. It is a thing of beauty. The chaise can either be attached or not. We haven't attached it, so sometimes there's a little space, but it hasn't bothered us.
The rug is also from West Elm. It's wool and sheds like a cat. It is NOT a good complement to the fabric on the couch. Duly noted. Next time, don't get a velvet couch and a shedding wool rug. The couch looks like it has been rolled over on by a cat daily.

I got rid of my TV stand and got a couple new baskets, one for blankets, one for toys.
I need some kind of art on the wall to the left of the TV. I'd really like to paint the book shelf a different color, too, but we'll see.

Some of these other walls need some colorful art to liven them up. I don't really have a plan for that yet, so we'll see what happens.

This is my kitchen wall which currently hosts all the preschool art projects.
I'm not exactly sure what I should do with the wall in the long term. I've considered even putting a small desk here.
But I don't want to feel like this room, which is the living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one, feel like it has too much furniture. It's important to me to have some uninterrupted running space for the kids, and this spot gets run over a million times a day, especially since it's on the way to the pantry, which is their favorite cave in which to hoard toys and make a huge mess. :)
If you have thoughts or ideas or solutions, especially for this puzzling kitchen wall, I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspiration for the Master Bedroom + Mood Board

The plan for my master bedroom is finally coming together in my brain. Here are my inspiration images and my mood board for it. It won't be done anytime soon, but at least my vision can settle in and I can get started on some small things.

 I've been obsessed with Jenna Lyons' bedroom for a long time. That's black chalkboard paint on the walls. GAH. I love how it's simultaneously moody yet crisp and calm. Lots of white keeps it from going to depression-land.
Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day used the same inspiration for her bedroom recently. It's gorgeous! I love the orange and white bedding. That swing is an awesome addition.
Here are other images I've pinned. I am planning to do dark blue walls, not black. And I'm considering whether I want to do all walls the same dark blue or do one accent wall. I'm planning to go white on the ceiling. I like the simple, clean look of this room.
 Love the wall sconce here, plus the bedding and touches of grey and white.

 The dark wood and clean lines are killing me here. This room is minimalistic bliss.
So here's my loose plan so far for my room. The only thing we have so far is the striped bedding. We recently upgraded to a king size bed, too, so that's part of the reason this room will not be finished any time soon. Buying a new bed is like WHOA/OUCH/AHHHH (as in ahhhh, you're so comfortable!) on the budget.

The room is pretty small, it only fits a our bed, two nightstands, and has a weird window nook that'd be great for a long, low dresser, but is currently home to our settee. The closet is small. I'd like to turn our nightstands into dressers to maximize currently un-used space. Not sure if I'll buy new ones or paint our existing ones and make them work. 

The lamp situation is an ongoing conversation. My husband wants something small that doesn't take up his whole nightstand and I love big, bubbly lamps. When I mentioned doing wall sconces, he was sold. It's also another good way to maximize space by taking lamps off the nightstands altogether. Maybe we'll each get our own different sconce, just to mix it up. 

As far as the bed situation...I'm thinking I'll either make or buy a headboard. I love this wood/metal look on this platform bed, but I'm not a fan of how low platform beds are. They look amazing, but sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a long time while our movers replaced our bed frame they lost taught me that I do not like standing UP to get out of bed. I like rolling DOWN to the floor to get out of bed. You know what I'm saying? If anyone can make the case for a platform bed, I'm all ears. But I think I'm just too old-grandma for that.

I'm planning to use art we already have on the walls, but I'd love to add this bright pink heart to the mix that I saw on Little Green Notebook recently. 

Overall, the aim for this room is moody, calm, minimal, not fussy, while maximizing storage and space. Dark blues, whites and woods plus pops of color...that is the plan!